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Purely educational purposes

2 years ago

150 words

Just as she walked into her rustic kitchen, she understood what the noise meant. Her son jumped away from the table and his friend stood up. Her husband, of course, was also a gentleman. Philip immediately began to Splaten, apologizes for having brought a visit, but that he had no idea that his parents would be home at all.
Dating Dinner
Besides, Oliver and he met only for study purposes. The mother was tired, but she could not smile to her son. The whole blushed and looked pleased and shy. Besides, he was very polite to him. The mother reached out to his friend, Oliver, and presented herself as Alice. She sat down, and Philip immediately went to get her a plate of supper, which he and Olim had cooked together. Her mother smiled at her husband, and he kissed her over the table on the back of her hand.