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Month: May 2019

No trade as a trade

2 years ago

136 words

The current area of business (including at international level) is, in essence, available to any potential bidders. At the same time, this space offers a variety of tools to enable these candidates to participate in the functioning of market mechanisms that generate cash gains in their result. Forget about shops in the sense of supermarkets,…

Use in simple warehouses

2 years ago

129 words

With the shelf rack, you can store your goods or materials up to a load of 900 kg per shelf, where the height of its adjusting tripod can reach up to 11 meters. This type is therefore very suitable for use in simple and multiple floor warehouses. Thanks to these specific characteristics, they are highly…

Worried about thunderstorms?

2 years ago

155 words

Also, in a thunderstorm, you cram in bed with the head hidden under the duvet, so that you don't hear the Thunder, see Lightning, and fear? With our roof windows, you don't have to worry because they ensure absolute comfort in any weather. They will help to serve as a partial soundproofing of your apartment…


2 years ago

137 words

In our life there are plenty of delicious goodlies that are worth eating. One of them can certainly be a sure ice cream.   How we describe them What is it, anyway? It is a liquid ice delicacy, wrapped either in a cornet or served separately in bowls, or in the form of Nanuks, or…

Don’t Wait long years

2 years ago

142 words

Do you have a hair type that grows really long? If you would like to have a beautifully long mane, but you are tired of waiting, so do not hesitate to undergo a procedure that will give you exactly what you want. With the hair extension Prague you will get what you have longed for…

Change your image

2 years ago

146 words

Are you bored with short hair, would you like a big change that would go to see and everyone would notice? If you want to stay out of the crowd and want to change your look, don't hesitate to take the method you're completely satisfied with. With the hair extension Prague you will get a…

Year by sign

2 years ago

148 words

Of course, everyone knows when he's a birthday from school years. A little later we find out what kind of sign belongs to our date of birth and even a few more years we are beginning to become interested in horoscopes and discover their charm. We know how popular we are, so we have prepared…